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[kiemelt] Everyday magic

2015.12.09. 06:45, Omen Drals

'Hey! If you listen close enough, you can hear the universe.'

The horizon stretched out like a slumbering god without boundaries above her; it's deep, endless blue canvas dotted with stars vibrant and alive. There were no city lights to obscure the miracle of the sky – the wind rushed through the long grass and caressed her hair. How little she was, and how enormous the world. In the far distance to her left, she saw a busy road, the cars like ghosts haunting it, leaving a blurry trail of light. Not any closer the torment and shouting, her sore body or the grim rooms from another, much less magical world. But here, they were both home. Both him and her.

She leaned against the only tree far and wide with her small hand, and took a deep breath of the pleasant summer night air. She couldn't see him on the other end of the world, she couldn't touch his shoulders to give relief of the pain, but through the silent, yet overwhelmingly loud voice of the world – all that there ever was, ever is and ever will be – she could hear his voice loud and clear.

'I remember waiting for you before I was born.'

Need to be Proud of the noob that you are

2017.04.30. 21:39, Omen Drals
I mean myself, of course

So, I've been active lately in terms of practicing and drawing, altough most of it is trash, of course. Regardless, I sort of want to leave a mark on here that I was actually trying to get better at drawing, so here are a few things I've done ~

The pics were made using my lame, dying phone, so sorry about the potato quality. Evereything gets bigger when clicked ~

So, my usual doodles while listening to Scare Theater lol

In which one can learn that I was cold when drawing, and I find the word "screech" creepy (I wasn't planning on uploading this page originally lol). I now just realize there is some portion of the page that still didn't make it into the pictures

One of those doodles made it into my very first ever sketchbook, and is currently horrible and I want to tear that page out, but first, my very first finished page in mentioned sketchbook (which is this tiny, pocket sized, low quality thingy we got for free when purchasing Túró Rudi lol)

Is good old Dylan Klebold (I am NOT a columbiner).

I thought I want to make a mark of this era of my life when I am interested and actively reading about the massacre. Highlight of the day is that HORRID GREEN FINGERPRINT I accidentally left on it... So, the background is just a bunch of gibberish lyrics from pumped up kicks and Vast's Beautiful (as I listen to those two a lot - I don't relate "Beautiful" to Dylan, but to my own era). I used a fountain pen to achieve that transition thing, by changing the ink in it, altough it doesn't show up on this poor quality picture, but from top to bottom it changes from blue to green. Funny thing is, I have no idea how the green ink ended up on my left ringfinger: I double checked it when I was making the background to avoid smugdes. It's a mystery...

And the random eric on a cloud for no reason at all (no, I don't think he's an angel if anything lol)

it's so bad I wanna tear it out lol

But hey, look, here's a good song:


Echo Image: Need to be Proud

Falling like grey leaves do
She felt the walls tumbling over her soul
She has no words to say
She felt the presence of another black day

Need to be proud of what you are
But you're flying by
Hope you won't try those things again
But your words are flying high

Trying to figure out
Why things went wrong
Why she has nothing left
To do
She wants to see the light
But shadows drags her
To another black place

someone stop me

2017.04.17. 18:43, Omen Drals

well, at least it's practice... right? 

this is something trashy hp related

non romantic


omen still sucks

2017.04.17. 16:29, Omen Drals

Elképzelésem sincs mit akarok ezzel, de kezeket akartam rajzolni (mert vacak vagyok belőlük, muszáj), meg erdőket, mivel épp egy dokut hallgatok a rejtélyes eltűnésekről nemzeti parkokban világszerte, és van egy dal (a warm place egy remixe) amitől folyamatosan erdőket látok magam előtt. Ehelyett valami ilyen jön ki a kezem alól 

klikkre nagyobb, de mint látszik rajtam kívül senkinek nem éri meg jobban megnézni 

Omen sucks at drawing part 139

2017.04.15. 22:08, Omen Drals
it just never ends

So, I was wondering if I ever promised myself to continue my sketch-blog thingy...? I used to have a blog on freeblog.hu (the site that graciously forgot to warn its users of its sudden closing ) where I posted all of my visual arts endeavors - this basically meant, that if I ever raised a pencil (or pen) I posted whatever came out of it. Did I ever mention this here, and if so, have I already promise myself to continue the unsightly tradition on here? I always promise myself a gazillion things and I break all those promises on the first chance I get...

Oh well! Further hand practice and a weird harry drawing (click to enlarge)

In my defense, the Harry drawing started as an attempt to draw more complex body positions:  his upper body faces to his right and his lower half to his left. I also lifted his legs simply because I never do that, and I wanted to practice that. It was good for trying to broaden my horizons, but yes, the outcome is very broken and the proportions are, well, something I will definitely have to look into seriously 

But eh, I guess it's okay for a 30-minute something for now 

Biting into the Biting Pear of Salamanca

2017.04.02. 09:40, Omen Drals
for a badge

It's a shame I forgot to post this here, but yesterday (April's Fools) was pretty crazy on deviantart, and lo and behold, I finally took part in something genuinally fun! Wo-hoo!

The main idea was, that draw something that is directly related to the Biting Pear of Salamanca - an artwork originally posted by the insanely talented ursulav. The original piece is as inspired as it is odd yet beautiful. It decipts a chipmunk wearing something that resembles a toga, taking picture of a huge pear with a set of human teeth. In the background, you can spot two giraffes lazily strolling about. It's an amazing piece, I swear. Click to bask in the greatness of Salamanca.

Even got a badge to show for it 

Being a low-flíying bird (my animal of choice is a rather small raven) I got defensive about the repeated warnings on this pear potentially eating me, so I decided to put that frustration on canvas. And the glorious "artwork" I submitted:

Bad hands, rather sketchy, half-baked, too bright colours, overall crap, bla, blah, blah, but oh well. I finished something

Címkék: drawing artwork sai rajz


2017.02.13. 04:05, Omen Drals

As I struggle to transcribe my endless hand-written ramblings onto here (and not publishing them, because what's that even for), let me share a new favourite:

When I heard it for first I didn't pay much attention at all, but it grew on me fast.

So, this one is to all of you contemplating ending it all. Beautiful, as in a person overall, not (just) plain physical beauty.

And, while the lyrics might seem to be one-dimensional and repetetive, there is truly little one can say (or, that is worth to voice) to someone strruggling with thoughts of suicide. The message is simple. Do stay with us. That everything that you are, that is beautiful. To me, and to everyone else too, whether you can see it or not.

Vast - Beautiful

Stay with us my darling
Tomorrow is a brighter day
Stay with us my darling
There are so many things to love

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to everyone

Heaven is a place I cannot see
When I'm beside you it's so close to me
These are the reasons you should stay
There is so much that you can give

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to everyone
There are so many things to see
You are so beautiful to me

You're a diamond I can't buy
You're a sin I can forgive
And when you sink into the dark
Know that I am there with you

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to everyone
There are so many things to see
You are so beautiful to me

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to everyone
There are so many things to see
You are so beautiful to me

Címkék: video music song

Tales of the mundane

2017.02.11. 20:01, Omen Drals

So, I kept an offline diary for, like, ~1 week and a tumblr private post format thingy to record the mundane. Simply, because a few days back (well, this could very well be a week or two, now that I think about it) I realized how some of my biggest questions about my self could be very easily answered if I just look back ~10 years into the past, where I was much less refined (not that I am refined now in any ways shape or form). Also, it's cool to just go back in time to see where the hell I was and what was I doing on XXXX. year XX. month's XX day.

I guess.

So, I record all the mundane now. Considering most of those posts are very private, this won't be too visible for the outside world, but no one ever reads this lame site (I wouldn't read it either, so I'm not salty about that lol) so I guess we good. 




2017.01.23. 22:53, Omen Drals
since when does Omen post more than once in a month just like years ago

Now, as I'm going through my last.fm account (man, I would have never thought this will be this useful years later) now I am redownloading old favourites. Here shall stand Buck Tick, this is one of my favourites from like 10 years ago lol

I chose a very high quality live performance, as this one has subs with it. This melody ~ Oh good old Buck Tick, you caught me with Limbo, you made me stick around with Coyote.

Címkék: music video Buck Tick

A new sensation

2017.01.23. 18:04, Omen Drals

Ever since I am researching the Columbine mass shooting case, there is this very short yet strong little "memory" (which might not even be a memory) of a boy in military fatigue pants heading towards CSP PLZ on a bus I take daily, where the health centre is. It looks like it's old, and I'm talking ten years old at least.

Something about a magazine (is he carrying it? just bought it? thinking of buying it?), maybe about violent games, or guns or military-related? I can only see him waist down. It gives me a nostalgic, yet gut-wrenching feeling. Of something lost. Maybe it's just because it's old. I don't know who he is, and what was he up to, but it worries me that he sometimes pops back into my head whenever I read about Dylan Klebold and his suicide.

If there are such things as twin flames, please let him be not mine (the boy on the bus), because I'm getting this low-key ominous feeling he might have killed himself since.

Please fucking life at least not this.

I've learned to take all of these sudden, emotionally very charged yet foreign-looking images very seriously, as now I understand that - as much as I wish otherwise - they aren't the figment of my imagination, and, as always, that terrifies me.

Oh, and I've been active on this blog, but unfortunately most of my posts are set to private; they aren't all that intresting, just too personal to share. There is also a post about Klebold himself, whom I find most fascinating, but haven't finished that one yet - that one will be public, too. I was wondering if I should tuck this one away under the private tag too, but... Oh well, why the hell not, let's be a bit more open here with each other. What is this blog even for, if I just hide everything that means something to me?


Címkék: drals Klebold
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