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New awesome stuff!!!

2018.08.19. 17:02, Omen Drals


What I basically got with my crowns is really the The Accursed Play Gift Card all in all, I even got the 5k crowns as a bonus when I claimed the code!

W101Central's page on this card: The Accursed Play Gauntlet Gift Card

Aside from the crowns in this gift card, this is what I also got:


 The Accursed Play Gauntlet

This thing is what I suspect is like a dungeon sort of thing you can in and get your butt handed to you? 

I have something very similar to this with a skelly boss inside, he basically MAULED me 

I'll look into this new one further!

(a bit later)

Yes, indeed, this is an instance where a boss monster welcomes you with its minions and wipes the floor with you! 

I'll keep this as decor for much much later when I'll be a much stronger wizard (and preferably will have friends to go in with, too) ~

 Stage Ship

This ship is EVERYTHING!

The theme of these items is dramathurgy (I used to be someone who tried to be a theatre actress, what are the odds, lol) and they look awesome!

My amazing little wooden ship has its own little prop waves by its side, and it creaks joyfully every single time we set out on an adventure!

(((This is very random, but I love the sound wood makes, especially when someone walks on it, or when carriages go on a stone road. I know, weird, but I love the sound of it! I also adore the sound of steps too! Back in the day when I was playing Mabinogi my main inspiration to go on Commercing was solely to listen to the creaking of wood as I used a wooden carriage! haha)))

The little windows up front look like endearing eyes, and not only that, if you actually go underwater with the ship the wave-props will disappear - I mean, it makes sense, why would you need imitation waves when you got the real deal? 

Look at the victorious pose I'm striking on board, by the way! The leg confidently resting on the steer! I thought my storm house could lend itself perfectly for a nice picture of my new mount, so that's where I snapped this one ~ Lucky we just got Photomanxy as an update, so I now I even had an excuse to use it!

 The Dramaturgist set

I also got a pretty awesome set of gear named The Dramaturgist outfit, but I chose a much higher level than my own for them, so I'll wear them when I'm worthy stronger! 

This is how they looked like in the preview window (and PFUH it took me quite a bit to get back into using GifCam lol, but it's such a straightforwards program, love it)

Order of appearence on gif is  Dramaturgist's Hat -> Dramaturgist's Costume -> Dramaturgist's Buskins -> Dramaturgist's Wand



 Drama Llama

And finally, the pet! He is called the Drama Llama, and I'll be damned if llamas aren't the real drama queens of the animal kingdom, I mean just think about all that spitting!

A quick gif on the pet! To yawn or not to yawn, that's the question!

Now all I've done so far is documenting my prize I'll go ahead and enjoy them too!

Later ~~~


2018.08.19. 13:48, Omen Drals



I won:

- 60. 000 crowns!!!!!!! I can advance in the game buy areas and keep playing! (w101 is a pay as you go sort of game)!! I was sort of spending hours just running around in the already bought places for a while now lmao because it takes pretty long to hustle together crowns for a new area with just the trivia quiz and dailies (can't do videos from my country :() never complaining but it's true lmao

- Accursed Play Bundle: I was so shocked by the crowns I almost forgot I got this too! I sort of have no idea what this is, I'll need to check!!

CLICK!!! omg



(deep breath, deep breath OMG I cant believe it guys)

(deep breath)

I expected to not get anything because after I submitted my concept idea there were quite a few people submitting very similar ideas (gobbler-themed) to mine and I thought "well, now I am just one of the many I guess", so I sort of grieved the entire idea of winning, but I thought well screw it I tried and I actually had a blast doing it so no harm done, right?! And I sorta got into the mood all together enjoying other peep's ideas too, so I was all good at the end

I mean I was side-eyeing one submission that basically sculpted up my concept entirely, including even the strings that held the fake beard up on the gobbler, but at that point I already sort of let it all go and it was a good sculpture anyways

So now these news are just so incredibly insane to me because I saw no reason to be chosen as any winner LET ALONE THE NUMBER ONE OMGGGG

I've been a free player on w101 since 2012, and unfortunately since I am from a country that's not strongly present in the international advertisment business I can't get free crowns through watching videos in-game. So, my magical life was a little rough in that department but hey I had fun!

It's sinking in soooo slowly that this all happened guys this is so unbelievable!!! 

i CAN'T WAIT TO LOG IN OR SHOULD I WAIT WITH IT? I DON'T EVEN KNOW RIGHT NOW THIS IS SO SURREAL!! I answered the message that gave me the codes I think I might have answered the poor moderator something stupid because I don't exactly remember!!! lmao hopefully I wasn't 100% cringe (let's face it I must have been lol)

I'll log in and see how the world looks like with no worries about the paywall for a while! so insane! Also what is this bundle that we got? On a more serious note, because I always tried to hustle for crowns to buy areas I never ever followed the packs and bundles that were released so I actually am so out of the loop what's out there for someone who plays this game for years! lol

you know what guys, i won 2 contests in my entire life (one back in 2014 in Mabinogi, altough that was a very humble little contest in terms of awards and I was still drawing with a mousey)

and the only common thing they both had was

1. i gave up on them/expected not to get anything by default and entered for the fun of it ,

2. i actually had a major BLAST doing them

if i expected to win i never won, or if i submitted something that was really good but I didn't really like it I still didn't win. lol

should I video record myself logging in so I can remember it forever? or should I just screenshot spam?? what enviable problems I have all of a sudden!!! 8/19 best daaaaay!!!!!

Snape with book

2018.08.19. 12:49, Omen Drals

I'm done!  

I actually finished in-between editing the previous post but didn't feel like post-spamming 

It was so much more work than what it looks like it might have been. Of course that is because I'm not so great (very bad) when it comes to digital painting. The understanding of depth and lighting (also anatomy, of course) is crucial to get painting even as simple as this one done fast - and that's the reason this one took me so long. ~ 3-4 hours, I think.

But hey, it's much better than the old old Halloween art I've done back in the stone age with a mouse for that Mabinogi art contest. That took me almost an entire month!  Although to be blatantly honest, it's still one of my most favourite works of mine. It's so colourful and cheery and festive and Halloweeny! It still kind of pains me I can't play Mabi anymore, as much as that game pisses me off with it's Korea-only elitism, but my computer can't handle it anymore 

There is not much more to say about it anymore, I sort of said everything I wanted when posting the sketch yesterday   


wip snape with levitated book

2018.08.18. 23:11, Omen Drals
feat. wonky foreshortening and anatomy

I'm up to something again I guess 

His eyes look like he may or may not be able to shoot beams out of them - I'm all for it 

(anyone remembers that old meme about firing a lazer? I think our Snape here does!  But I guess the old meme shot beams out of its mouth instead )

Oh, yes, it's a Snape illustration AGAIN  


So, this happened because while I was sketching away at work (I'm back at the water amusement park for a few days a week, I might vent a bit of pent up frustration that has accumulated since ) and this sort of turned out to be a weird yet somewhat interesting concept:


Lately I have been working with Fire Alpaca instead (no actual reason, just so happened to be the case lately), and have made a few improvements when it comes to illustrating faces, too. I know the above sketch would have you believe otherwise, but pinky-promise it's all true and you'll see! One day. I guess. 

So far I always ended up drawing a very animoo-ish face which would be perfectly fine, the problem is that it was hardly ever my intention! Especially when it comes to illustrating Snape. Snape and ugu ugu kawaii desu just doesn't mix well imho, but who knows.

So, I hope to be able to paint a little bit closer to realism in the future. Although never a 100% realism - I'm afraid not only that would be a completely impossible goal, but even if theoratically I succeed than still I would deviate from it for emotional effect, no? But trying to get closer to realism makes my works look a bit better, so I'll keep at this habit. 

This time the weird pose is deliberate, by the way! I made this sketch after practicing hand positions, and I figured I'll undertake a very quick (because I was at work) lighthearted challenge and try to make a figure's hands appear in somewhat of an intricate position. I settled with one hand close to the observer and the other closer to the subject. While I'm not absolutely loving the end result, it was fine for something so quick and spontageous. And now I opened it back up and decided to work on it digitally a little ~ 

I included the colour palette too, just in case anyone takes a liking to it, but now on a hinfdsight... It's such a dull colour scheme why would anyone want it? What was I thinking? 

I'll check back sometime very soon, but let me just awkwardly cut this post short because I am about to fall asleep on my keyboard here    





2018.08.11. 23:27, Omen Drals

Wizard 101 Central is 10 years old and is now holding several events for its decaversary. One of which is a contest that has you create your own gnome! Now, guess who submitted a new abomination for that one 

The idea is that you have to create a new garden gnome and even specify its effects on plants. I went with a Gobbler that makes plants not hate poor Stinkweed  

When I was very new to the game and discovered gardening the first thing I ever learnt about plants in w101 is that everybody loathes Stinkweed's guts 

 So, I created this thing right here:

(1 - 2 hours spent, still ridiculously slow)

The feet looks very weird and the face is so poorly made in terms of value diversity that the readability is basically squashed. His teeth are unintentionally bleeding into his mouth and fake mustache.

On a brighter note I am happy how obviously he's assuming the original, awkward Tropical Garden Gnome posture* (we were specifically instructed to use it as a reference of sorts), and I enjoy how his little shorts turned out.

I also succesfully drew two thumbs in two positions I've never before, and I am actually proud they don't look completely broken, either. The fact that I didn't actually spend most of my time on the hands / arms are pretty reassuring too; I overall spent an equal amount of time on everything.


* the tropical garden gnome posture:


Also, here is what a Gobbler appears ingame, too, if we are already posting my references

(((( I'm trying to be not ALL negative about my works now ))))

My actual entry reads:


So, ever since I started playing and discovered gardening it soon became clear that every plant in this game seems to have it out against poor Stinkweed
So why not have a garden gnome that's appropriate with its smelly theme to help it being finally tolerated in our gardens  
Thank your for this contest, I really enjoyed creating my gnome 
Name: Gnobbler

Type: Decoration

Tradeable: Yes

Auctionable: Yes

Vendor: Farley in Wizard City, Golem Court
Price: 10 000 gold

Effects: Seeds that like me won't be disliked by other plants.
Seeds that like me: Stinkweed

Description: The facial hair may not be genuine...

So, why not join the contest yourself (hurry, there's not much time left!): here

Or partake in the raffle and all the other contests ~

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