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I am not at all concerned as to where is that fine line between a personal blogpost and an actual article, so I would only use the word "blog" to describe this site only lightly. :)

Néha magyarul, sometimes in english. Úgy is a bejegyzéseim java része just a bunch of ramblings and bitching, you're not missing out of bármi érdekfeszítőből.
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My little world

WIP Nereid

2018.05.13. 21:11, Omen Drals

So, appearently, I am partaking in this year's Mermay, even if it's just one drawing and not 31.

I just thought, how fitting it would be to draw my Nereid for the occasion, and that idea became this sketch thingy. By May 17th mum will be back home, so I won't have a monitor for about a week or two - by that time I really need to finish this if I want it to be done by June.

By the way, Nereid is from the game "Monster Super League", I was no-lifing on since I couldn't use my computer. There seems to be a little bit of confusion about European folklore in this game, however: The first evolution of Nereid is called "Siren", a greek mythological creature.

Problem is, sirens aren't mermaids at all: they have the head of a human and the body of a bird, and they are quite malevolent. On the other hand, mermaids have a fish body and a human upper body, and are benevolent. "Siren" is described even by the game as friendly and helpful despite people being afraid of her, and she is clearly half fish-half human.

A rose is a rose however you may call it, and Nereid is - despite MSL's slip-up - is clearly a mermaid, making her eligible for Mermay. 

Coming to a shore near you! 

My monitor went good bye

2018.05.10. 20:57, Omen Drals

The sole reason of my absense is my monitor: it kissed this world of shadows its final goodbyes. Just yesterday I finally cared enough to do something about it: I realized I could hook my mum's TV onto my PC. It looks... weird. And it's BIG. But anyhow, all my latest art thingies are traditional now because of this. I wouldn't necessarily consider any of them well-executed enough to bother to upload, but maybe I will take a pic of them with my phone and toss those up here. 

This TV that I use as a monitor has some problems (undertsand: serious problems) with sharpness, but at the same time I'm itching to finally touch my tablet again. The dilemma... Also, this TV looks so much more saturated than my monitor did. I wonder now how all my artworks look to others again... Also, the bloquote is perfectly visibly stands out from the background, too. Is it like this for everyone?

I was always a bit suspicious how come it's so faint on my end. But the characters I'm typing up now have blurry edges and this reminds me that might seriously affect how I'd go about drawing with this display. Yet, at the same time, I won't be able to resist... 

In about a weeks time mum's gonna be back, so expect me to vanish again - I'll have to give her TV back after all! 

The vanishing glass

2018.03.15. 17:35, Omen Drals

You guys are my witnesses this started out much less... unfortunate than how it eventually turned out! But oh, well. 

As it can be seen I gave up not even halfway into the background. Things aren't looking up.

But hey! Happy march the 15th to all of you wonderful Hungarian brothers and sisters!

DevianArt description

i have no excuses

Címkék: harry potter myart

new sketch

2018.03.13. 22:20, Omen Drals

I used design doll in hopes to help me sort out my devastatingly obvious shortcomings concerning anatomy. I did the original sketch by myself first, then created the pose in design doll to really see what am I missing all the time, and so far I find it to be incredibly useful as a self-help tool. Highly recommended to fellow artists who are also learning basic anatomy.

I think you doing the first sketch first, and then use design doll as a fact check sort of thing not only results in an anatomically somewhat more accurate illustration but it also helps highlighting where do you lack and need improvement. I think this is very important, because when you just look at references or watch other people speedpaint, you tend to think "oh yeah, I think I can sorta at least do that", but when you get down to it you might get lost in the details and end up botching it - at least I often find myself stumbling on relatively easy things myself because of plain oversight like that.  

The flow of my original sketch was absolutely wrong - Harry's spine bended in a way that, while it's absolutely possible to do so, it looked awkward and uncomfortable. His head was positioned alright, but in on itself, it was too big for his body, even for a 10 year old.

His left hand, holding the ice cream was raised way too close to his face, and on second sight, I felt like I made it look like his left arm is somehow touching his torso from elbow all the way up. His right arm looked very stiff, and of course, both hands looked pretty bad (and also stiff) but that was a mistake I was aware of - I spent a good amount of time trying to fix them, but to little success. This is what I've got right now after some self-checking:

(this is supposed to be an illustration for The Vanishing Glass, Harry is in the zoo looking at reptiles):

The crimes of apparition within school grounds

2018.03.13. 19:46, Omen Drals

I'm about ten seconds in the trailer and already screaming YOU CAN NOT APPARATE OR DISAPPARATE WITHIN SCHOOL GROUNDS!!!  If you look through the comments, there are already several people who commented about the same thing as well, and the video is online for its second hour on my clock 

Btw, the HYPE is real right now, even I am getting caught up in this. I mostly disliked the original Harry Potter movies, absolutely despised Cursed Child with an everlasting passion,  but Fantastic Beasts 1 was absolutely awesome, so I can't wait to see what the second one holds. 

Such a good time to be a Potterhead, isn't it! 

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